ACP is a Full Service Contractor

We self-perform our services with skilled union employees.

Exterior Cold Formed
Metal Framing

ACP has an award-winning portfolio of exterior framing featuring traditional stud framing infill to complex shapes and panelized framing.

Gypsum Drywall Systems

We offer complete framing, sound and thermal insulation, drywall installation and finishing per project specifications. We use the latest technology to guarantee quality and timely delivery of our projects.

Firestopping Systems

ACP is a U.L. certified firestopping contractor. We perform complete firestopping needs such as through wall /floor, head of wall, and curtain wall edge of slab.

Acoustic Ceilings
& Wall Panels

ACP performs a wide variety of acoustic ceiling installations ranging from standard lay in ceilings to high performance noise reduction ceilings and wall panels. We carry all major brands of acoustic tiles and grid systems.

Specialty Ceilings

At ACP, our skilled technicians are trained in the installation of specialty ceilings such as cleanroom systems, Decorative wood panels, metal and FRP ceiling systems.

Doors, Frames and Hardware

Our skilled technicians are trained in the installation of doors, frames and hardware. Our installations range from standard hollow metal and wood doors to lead lined door applications and specialty exit hardware systems.

A Partner with Skilled Labor

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Industries We Serve

K-12 to University

Hospital, Rehab, Medical Office

Manufacture, Engineering, Administrative

Full Build-Outs in stand alones, malls, outlots, strip shopping centers

and all types of Houses of Worship

Custom Build-Outs to full Office Park or Building