ACP Project Portfolio

Henry Ford Museum Coaling Tower
Dearborn, Michigan

General Contractor: O’Neal Construction
Architect: Gary J. Cornillaud, AIA

Acoustic Ceiling and Partition Co. Inc. was contracted to procure and install a late nineteenth century coaling tower for steam locomotives located in the Railroad Junction district of Greenfield Village. This structure stores and loads coal for the historic steam locomotives used to transport visitors on the Weiser Railroad located in the Village.  Constructed of timber framing on a concrete foundation, it was modeled after a structure built in the late nineteenth century in Marquette Michigan.  To meet current codes and Greenfield Village’s specific requirements, the tower design had to be modified while remaining true to its historic precedent. ACP established a plan and a working CAD model that would allow us to procure the necessary materials meeting the architectural and structural design criteria, while delivering on schedule for the public to use. ACP is truly honored to be invited to help in this challenge and provide support and a trained labor force to make this project available to the public and allow visitors to experience how coal was stored and loaded 100 years ago.

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