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The University of Michigan Law School

The University of Michigan Law School Academic Building and Hutchins Hall Commons Addition was a three phase project that began in the winter of 2009.  From the start of the first phase to the completion of the final phase, Acoustic Ceiling & Partition played a vital role in the progression of a difficult project that was completed on time with great satisfaction to all that were involved.

The first phase of the project was the re cladding of the exterior of the existing Legal Research Building.  Metal siding was removed by demolition contractors and ACP was responsible for protecting the building and all of its contents from weather and construction activities during the summer of 2010.  For several months ACP maintained a temporary protective skin at the building’s exterior while trades performed their work.  ACP furnished & installed support framing and glass reinforced concrete panels, manufactured by Plasterform, at three elevations of the Legal Research Building.   The new precast panels gave the structure a long desired look that blended with the rest of the buildings stone exterior.

The next phase was the renovation of Hutchins Hall and the addition of the Aikens Commons. Acoustic Ceiling & Partition provided temporary sound proof barriers to separate students and faculty from daily construction activities as well as removal of irreplaceable trim & casework, packaged and stored for reinstallation at the end of the project.  The Commons Addition has a new café on the main floor that features barreled ceiling with acoustical plaster.  The perimeter of the lower level, which serves as a meeting place for students, is covered with acoustical wall panels from floor to ceiling to help reduce noise in a building that is dominated by hard surfaces.

The final phase was the construction of South Hall, the new academic building.  The architecture mimics that of the other Law School buildings which encompasses vaulted ceilings, stone cladding & immense detail at the interior finishes.  ACP began cold formed framing in the summer of 2010.  Close coordination with the masonry contractor ensured accurate openings in an exterior stone system with very little tolerance.  Progression of the project moved to the interior of the building in the fall of the same year.  Thousands of man-hours were spent replicating the extensive detail that sets the U of M Law School apart from other buildings on its campus.  From the vaulted ceilings of Grand Hall to the intricate soffits & acoustical wall panels in the Classrooms, ACP provided flawless craftsmanship of the interior finishes of South Hall.  Finally, in the spring of 2011 as ACP concluded activities on the building’s interior, we moved to the exterior and constructed a precast concrete beam & vault ceiling on a canopy on the buildings south side.  Heavy panels with awkward shapes required unique framing to support the precast system.

In conclusion, the University of Michigan Law School Project was completed within its budget and on time.  ACP incurred no lost time accidents and has been commended by Walbridge, the construction manager, for its dedication to safety & the quality of work that it delivers.  Acoustic Ceiling & Partition was a significant member of a team that constructed a world class building at a world class institution.